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July 23, 2020
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Cool Dogs Bowls Need a Good Cleaning Sometimes!

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People love to buy cool dog bowls for their pets. Of course the dog does not really care what the bowl looks like as long as they get to eat, but unique dog bowls do have a way of bringing doggy and owner closer together. The process of choosing a bowl and watching the dog use it is the fun part, but when it comes to making sure it stays clean things can get a little tricky. So what is the best way to clean cool dog bowls? There are a few methods you can take.

There is always the option of putting your dog's bowl in the dishwasher. However some unique dog bowls may not be dishwasher safe so make sure that you verify this information. You will also want to make sure that you wash the bowl by hand to make sure the food is not stuck on the bowl before putting it in the dishwasher. After all, you wouldn't want mushy dog food to be found on a fork or a glass!

This is probably the easiest way because you can do it right after you have fed your dog. Some owners actually invest in multiple cool dog bowls so that they don't have to wash the same bowl every day. However, this can create quite the pile up of dishes. If you feed your dog outside you may want to consider using some type of antibacterial soap to help kill anything that might have gotten onto the bowl from outside.

Believe it or not many people simply use their hose to rinse out a dog bowl when it's needed. This is most common in those with predominately outdoor dogs but it is something to consider even if your dog lives inside and you are looking for an easy way to feed your dog and clean up.

All in all you won't find that any particular way to clean a dog bowl is much easier or convenient than another. The biggest consideration is reading labels and product information about unique dog bowls before buying them to make sure that they don't require any special treatment.

The good news is that you don't really have to wash cool dog bowls that are used for water, but don't forget that just as you'd prefer a clean glass to drink out of your pet would appreciate a bowl free of slimy sides once in a while.


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