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June 13, 2020
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The Origins Of The Alaskan Malamute Dog

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It is part of the spritz family of canines that includes many other breeds. The Alaskan Malazmute originated in the arctic region. It was discovered by western people to be living among the Inuit villagers of the northwest coast of Alaska; they lived along the Norton Sound. These people were called Mahlemuts. Mahle is a tribal name and mut means village.

The villagers used the Alaskan Malamute for hauling big game such as polar bears and seals and for pulling sleds. These dogs are big and strong, but they aren't fast. The outer coat of this bred is thick and rough, not long or soft, which is called a guard coat. The guard coat gets longer on the neck , shoulders, and over the back. Its undercoat is like wool and its oily. The dog is well insulated. The coat is less thick and shorter in warm weather.

The range of colors for the Alaskan Malamute goes from shades of red to sable to black to gray. According to the AKC the points trimmings, and undercoat can have color combinations. But only white is accepted amongst solid colors. White is the main color on the dog's under-body and some areas of its legs and feet. White helps to shape the face markings. White spots are acceptable on the dog's forehead, nape or collar.

In size, which is called freighting size, the male should be shoulder height 25-inches, weight should be 85 pounds and the females should be 23-inches for shoulder height and weigh 75-pounds. The head preferred is in proportion to the body and it is broad with good depth. The dog's expression should signal an affectionate attitude.

It is a dog that likes fun, but is a work animal. It has an independent attitude, but can work on a team. The Alaskan Malamute likes to be with the family and will mind its manners, if it gets enough exercise. If not, it may be destructive because it is frustrated. It is a sociable dog concerning people, but it can be hostile towards other pets, livestock or unknown dogs. They are graceful and nimble when negotiating furniture and objects in the house.

It lives about 14 years. The litter size is from 4 to 10 puppies. It is generally a healthy breed. It needs enough exercise each daily, proper nutrition, and good grooming. This bred has problems with hip dysplasia. The other ailments they are prone to are progressive retinal atrophy, chrondodyplasia, and cataracts.

These dogs are usually quiet, not barking very often. The sound they usually make is like the one Chebacca of Star Wars fame made. Sometimes these dogs will howl. It can live nicely outside, when the weather is cold or temperature. When it is hot it can survive outside with shade and a lot of water, but it will be more comfortable inside.

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